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The Rhythm of the Beach

"Adults who want youngsters to feel more connected to and engaged with this world will find The Rhythm of the Beach's simple nature drawings
and its survey of selected beach creatures recreates that rhythm in print and art for picture book audiences.

This lends to a bigger picture than is usually presented to the young."

Diane Donovan, Mid West Book Review

"So beautiful in every way - The Rhythm of the Beach resonates with a gentle truth and awakening.  
I am drawn to read it each morning and feel a calm that lingers throughout the day.
A good read for all ages and generations."

David Brook Review, ecologist, August 2021

On one sandy Australian beach, spring marks the return of the hooded plover from its winter home.  The book reveals the beauty in the natural progression of time, and lives, through the seasons and moods experienced at the beach.  Readers are encouraged to take some time to find this beauty in nature.  To step back and determine who they truly are and what is important to them, even if there is no immediate answer (evoking the ancient wisdom of Dadirri,an Aboriginal practice from the Malak Malak people of the Daly River in the Northern Territory).


Written in a simple, joyful, poetic style and brought to life by Japanese, zen-inspired illustrations.  


Suitable for ages 7+ 

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