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Promoting and supporting Aboriginal communities and culture

I incorporate Aboriginal cultural and spiritual learnings into my books when appropriate and when the correct permissions and protocols are in place.  Below are examples of the Aboriginal organisations I've worked with and to whom I donate a percentage of book sale proceeds.

12 fishtrap300.jpg

Arrawarra Stone Fish Traps

This photo of the Ancient Arrawarra Stone Fish Traps features in 'The Adventures of Jessica Jones & Sox - a beach rescue' book.  The site is of cultural and spiritual significance to the Garby Elders of the Gumbaynggirr people who gave permission for it to be photographed and mentioned in my book.  I donate 10% of proceeds to the Garby Elders Aboriginal Corporation.

Supporting the Bandjalang Rangers

I have worked for some years now with the Bandjalang Ranger Aboriginal group in the far north coast of NSW.

They manage their 2,000 hectare Minyumai Indigenous Protected Area (IPA) conservation reserve.  It has strong cultural importance, being a traditional camping spot as they moved seasonally across their country.  


The Bandjalang Rangers gave permission to be featured in 'The Adventures of Jessica Jones & Sox and Grandpa', and book sale proceeds are donated to help them manage their land, teach people about its cultural importance and how to care for its native plants and animals.  


For further information on how you can help or to learn more please follow them on Facebook at . 

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For Information on other Aboriginal Ranger Groups across Australia visit

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