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My books are educational, quirky, and soulful.  They will appeal to children and adults alike, and create opportunities for the reader to be inspired to care and connect to themselves through nature.  

All books can be bought direct from my website shop, through major online retailers, or selected bookshops.

The Lonely Jacaranda

"a sweet children’s book with a special message that children, and adults, should learn and be reminded of - showing kindness to others.”

American Readers Favourite Book Review – 5 stars.

Jaca, a lonely Jacaranda tree, lives far from home, dropping her flowers and leaves like teardrops.  Some of the birds and trees ignore or laugh at her, others come together to help.


This touching fable explores themes of loneliness bullying, and alienation, and the simple acts of friendship that can help.  


The colour illustrations bring to life the wonder of the spectacular Jacaranda blossom and the birds and trees of the sub-tropical coastal region of Australia.


Suitable for young and old alike.

(Note: also available in Mandarin, contact author for details)

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The Rhythm of the Beach

"So beautiful in every way - The Rhythm of the Beach resonates with a gentle truth and awakening.  I am drawn to read it each morning and feel a calm that lingers throughout the day.
A good read for all ages and generations."


David Brook Review, ecologist, August 2021

Written in a simple, joyful, poetic style and brought to life by Japanese, zen-inspired illustrations.  Suitable for all ages (7+ years), it is a reminder that when one slows down enough to notice, the natural patterns of life are palpable. On one sandy Australian beach, spring marks the return of the hooded plover from its winter home.  The book reveals the beauty in the natural progression of time, and lives, through the seasons and moods experienced at the beach.  

Readers are encouraged to take some time to find this beauty in nature.  To step back and determine who they truly are and what is important to them, even if there is no immediate answer (evoking the ancient wisdom of Dadirri, an Aboriginal practice from the Malak Malak people of the Daly River in the Northern Territory).

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The Adventures of Jessica Jones & Sox and Grandpa

 “A fun and educational ‘wildlife’ adventure, perfect for 7 – 10 year olds. Highly recommended!’
The UK Wishing Shelf Book Awards.

A 2,000 word photostory book.  Full of fun facts, it follows the antics and adventures of two Jack Russell terriers as they meet some of the unique animals and plants that live in the forests of northern NSW in Australia. The book was inspired by an encounter with a Yellow Monday Cicada, a reminder of the beautiful and mysterious creatures that we are surrounded by. Apart from the deafening noise they make, most people know very little about cicadas and yet they live in most countries of the world and are as strange and fantastical as anything a sci-fi illustrator could create.

30% of book proceeds support the Bandjalang Rangers who feature in the book.