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I am passionate about inspiring children, young adults, and families to care for and connect with themselves through nature.

To learn from, and draw on the wisdom of our Indigenous peoples, for the future of our planet.

These are the primary themes of my educational books, and free poems, articles, kids activities, and links for you to enjoy and share.  

I hope they provide you with the inspiration to
build connections with your natural world.   
My new book

"So beautiful in every way - The Rhythm of the Beach resonates with a gentle truth and awakening.  I am drawn to read it each morning and feel a calm that lingers throughout the day.
A good read for all ages and generations."


David Brook, ecologist

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Nature's cure for the Covid blues.

"Taking the time to slow down and bear witness to the natural wonders surrounding us can provide a reassuring reminder we are not alone in this world."

From my recently published article.

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Supporting the Bandjalang Rangers

30% of book sale proceeds for The Adventures of Jessica Jones & Sox and Grandpa support the Bandjalang Rangers who feature in the book.

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