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Heartfelt and endearing, this story is a good fit for families with a love of nature and community connection."

Kidlit Reviews, 5 Stars

"A gentle reminder of the importance of being kind to one another, highly recommended"
Publishers Weekly

"The Lonely Jacaranda is a heart-warming story of fitting in, finding your feet, embracing differences and celebrating your unique gifts wherever you land.  The illustrations are stunning and fit perfectly with the story - magnificently modest yet immensely powerful."

Tania Moloney, Founder, Nurture in Nature Australia

"The Lonely Jacaranda is an uplifting fable which celebrates acceptance and the importance of embracing our unique gifts and differences.  A wonderful picture book for educators wanting to explore social topics of intolerance, inclusivity, and nurture in nature."

Lisa Hoad, Children's Book Council of Australia
Reading Time Book Review.


This touching fable explores themes of loneliness, friendship, and connection. The illustrations bring to life the beautiful Jacaranda Tree blossom as well as some of Australia's iconic birds and trees.

Suitable for 5 years +

Also Available in Mandarin,
contact the author for details. 

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