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Articles & Poems

A selection of writings from over the years, often inspired by my work with Australian Aboriginal communities. Click on each title to view.

Article written in September 2021 promoting the benefits of connecting with nature to help deal with Covid lockdown related mental health issues.

"Taking the time to slow down and bear witness to the natural wonders surrounding us can provide a reassuring reminder we are not alone in this world"

A fun, lighthearted poem for kids to challenge them to step out into the unknown, leave their comfort zone, even briefly, to see if they can discover themselves.  Included at the end of my book 'The Rhythm of the Beach'.

An inspirational poem left by an unknown artist at the start of our local bridge across the river.  

Article for the Guardian Australia in 2016 when the Australian Government was threatening to defund its national Indigenous ranger program

Written during Covid lockdown and post meeting my birth mother.

Poem to counter common racist narratives about Aboriginal communities in Australia.  Inspired after witnessing a traditional ceremony in a vibrant, remote community in the Northern Territory, 2016.

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